SUP FOLKSSS! I am KWR as known as Kai.W.Rose.  Since 2008 till present, I’ve been an overseas journalist for various magazines in US and Japan. Currently based in Singapore , i have years of experience in Strategic Marketing and PR which is an additional advantage for brands  looking for that extra oomph! How, if at all, would you like to improve your digital marketing strategy? Hit me up at info.kwrer@gmail.com to find out more about my app design & development as well as marketing services.

Visit my website now at >>> WWW.KWRER.WORDPRESS.COM<<<


Who says blogs have to be boring? KWR makes advertorials and day-today content more interesting and optimized.  My creative content,which i share with my followers on social media are inspired by Japanese Music + Culture,  Asia Fashion Trends and Beauty Trends.So that you can catch up on these emerging trends, easily.


I like to introduce my resident cat, MOMO. She has been my muse and partner for years. You will be seeing alot of MOMO THE CAT in my blog in days to come. Please be kind to us! Meow~!

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  1. Hi,
    Hope you are Doing Great

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    let me know,


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