2019 Hair Color Makeover by Be U Hair Design

I’ve been feeling in a mood for pink hair lately, possibly because I’m striving for a fresher look. My latest hair appointment at BE U Hair Design Salon became the beginning of a new me.

As soon as I was asked by my hair stylist Sherlin, what I wanted to with my hair, I didn’t give it a second thought. I asked for a pinkish coral balayage hair. If I was getting a makeover, I’m getting it full on with no inhibitions. I trust Sherlin with my hair as she has over 10 years of experience and she is known as the Colour Goddess Sherlin Yap in Singapore.

Tucked away in Centrepoint Shopping Mall, the hair salon is decorated with warm wooden and foliage accent that lends the feeling of relaxation and nature. I love that the salon is clean and not cramped.

Experience a comfortable experience under the hands of highly trained hair stylists at BE U Hair Design. For those with dry split-ends, try their OWAY rebuilding hair treatment that helps highly damaged hair, with poor fibers, rough and porous structures. It restores protein material to the hair, repairing and sealing the cuticle. Soft, moisturized hair, perfectly rebuilt from the inside.

Firstly, to achieve the desired look, my hair is backcombed then bleached for about 30 mins. The rationale for backcombing is to ensure the highlights fade out naturally into the roots even after months! Stylists Sherlin and Tony helped to backcomb my hair and then apply the lightening mixture. This is mixed with L’Oreal SMARTBOND to protect the hair during this step.

As Sherlin thoroughly rinsed off the colour, SMARTBOND Step Two was applied for 10 minutes. She then continued to shampoo and condition as normal.


How Does L’Oreal SMARTBOND Work


SMARTBOND is a unique system created by L’Oreal Professional that protects and strengthens the hair during technical services (such as bleach and hair color). The salon system consists of 2 components being used at the salon. This new technology revolutionizes the strength of your hair after you have a color service.


Sounds good.. but what does it actually do??


So without bombarding you with too much scientific jargon, I am going to briefly explain what SMARTBOND does to your hair. Your hair fiber and cortex is made up of Keratin chains and these are linked by bonds. The point of SMARTBOND is to strengthen these bonds to improve the quality, feel and look of the hair.


SMARTBOND will target weak parts of your hairs bonds to strengthen and limit stress to keep the bond intact. It will also improve the overall finish of your hair color as this will enable it to take more evenly. It will also reconstruct your weak bonds to reverse the feel of damaged hair.


So the first two steps begin at the salon, once you have decided to give SMARTBOND a go your stylist will add Step One to your color mix. It works smartly during the chemical process to preserve the strong bonds and allow the reconstruction of the weak bonds.


Step Two is applied to the hair once the color or lightener is removed as a pre-shampoo. It continues to capture the ions to allow the weaker bonds to reform and provides condition & shine to the hair with a blend of ceramides & polymers. Your stylist will then shampoo and condition as normal, the perfect end to a fabulous treat for your hair.


After the color has been washed out, Sherlin applied K-Gloss hair treatment to control the frizz in my hair. K-Gloss cuts blow dry time in half, eliminate frizz by 20% – 30%, lasts up to 4 months and increases shine and moisture. Tony then helps to trim my spilt ends and style my hair for the finishing touch.


WHY choose BE U Hair Design?


Best known as a creative salon that uses high tech techniques, solutions and equipment for hairdressing processes. At BE U Hair Design, Sherlin creates custom blend of colors to achieve the desired look. Effectiveness is the thing that has won the fame for this salon when it comes to hair coloring. At BE U Hair Design, your hairstylist will take care of your hair from the beginning to the end, even hair wash and blow-drying.


Customers love BE U Hair Design because this salon not only perfectly provides them their desired colors but also goes the extra miles in suggesting the color or style that suits each individual best.



  • High quality service: BE U Hair Design is a hair salon with highly skilled stylists and heartwarming service.


  • Convenient location: Situated at Centrepoint opposite Somerset MRT, BE U Hair Design is very convenient and accessible. Sheltered underpass to Centrepoint also ensures you won’t be caught in the rain or shine.


  • Relaxing atmosphere: Nestled on a quiet corner at The Centrepoint, featuring a spacious and classy interior and with gentle care of the stylists, this salon is a tranquil oasis for an indulgence.


My hair till now, have an awesome shine in them and look super-lustrous. I loved the end result, much better than my previous hair color. I would recommend Sherlin for her hair color services as she have a good eye for colors and best part is that she listens to all your needs patiently and is not pushy about things. As far as I am concerned, I am in love with my new hair look these days. The salon and staff get a big thumbs up from me. Thanks to BE U Hair Design! For those who are more concerned about hair and scalp health, you’ll be happy to note that they offer organic hair colors and scalp treatments as well.


Best of all, prices are reasonable with haircut starting below $50 and coloring $88+. They also currently have a promotion for organic scalp care treatment at just $50! Good for those who have oily , itchy and scalp that just needs to be detoxed!


To book an appointment or enquire, call 69093250 . Or PM them on facebook! www.facebook.com/BeUrself2018




176 Orchard Road #01-33J,The Centrepoint, Singapore 238843 .



Monday – Friday: 11am – 9pm

Weekends/Public Holiday: 10.30am – 8.30pm.

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