KBEE 2018 – Trade, Entertainment & More

KBEE (Global Korea Brand and Entertainment Expo) returns to the Marina Bay Sands Convention Center on 1-2 November featuring the ultimate K-Beauty / K-Business / K- Entertainment content. There are new and exciting content for everyone, including beauty and entertainment showcases / previews, ecommerce websites, Korean SME innovations, etc.  KBEE is a government-level Korean wave(K-wave or Hallyu) exposition which has been held annually since 2010 and, hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy, and organized by the Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency(KOTRA), is the biggest Hallyu exposition in the world.


Hallyu Stars Grace the Convention


Fans of K-POP music look forward to meeting and hearing from 2PM Lee Junho, SNUPER, BOY STORY and the famous actress Song Ji Hyo. Some of the artistes also held a Meet & Greet session with fans. Besides Fan-signing events, social contribution event*, and a K-pop concert. (*Charity t-shirt with signatures of the Honorary Ambassadors will be sold at the CSR event and all profits will be donated to Singapore welfare facilities.) Asia Rookie boy group BOY STORY from JYP Entertainment China also had their first concert and Hi-Touch event at KBEE 2018 Singapore.


Beauty / Aesthetic Brands Discovery


There are many Beauty brands in KBEE and here are some of my favorite booths,


MustaeV also held a makeover demonstration on stage on the latest beauty trends in Korea currently. The brand is a prestigious Korean makeup artists cosmetic line established in the Seoul’s Cheongdam area known as the beauty mecca of Korea. Launched in 2009, the company is based on more than 60 years of experience in developing and supplying products to international name brand cosmetic companies.

Each MustaeV item is painstakingly designed and tested by a high profile team of makeup artists based in Cheongdam. All MustaeV items are planned, developed, and tested by professional makeup artists in Cheongdam beauty salons. This means that many Korean stars are using MustaeV every day for their TV shows, movies, CF, etc.

I also came across the skincare brand, URANG. Their products contain safe ingredients suitable for all ages and use a unique blend of proven botanical and natural sources.  URANG skincare line contains an average of 88% of organic ingredients and 99.89% of natural ingredients. Organic is a specific term in the industry and it was grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics, irradiation, genetic engineering and so on. Organic means that the farms involved use systems that will help enhance the soil, biodiversity and other criteria and the organic term must certified as such.  Meaning they are minimally processed ingredients and do not contain any hormones, antibiotics or artificial flavors. I enjoyed swatching their Brightening Blue Oil Serum and Pink Everlasting Ampoule as these are extremely hydrating.

Another new-to-market brand is this dermal filler, Hermosa.  It’s currently being distributed in Korea and Malaysia and just expanding their footprints in Singapore Medical Aesthetic market. Their signature product is ‘Royal Under Eyes Filler’ which gives instant results to lighten dark undereyes. Its main features is the high spreading performance and reduction of edema and swelling due to its semi-crosslinked HA formula. Results supposedly can last for 1 year.

Overall, I find KBEE to be very up to date with the latest trends in terms of consumer products and ecommerce. I enjoyed attending it as a business / trade event which allows me to have more insight on the 2018/2019 trends. The KPOP showcase definitely brought the hype to the next level.  Thanks to KBEE for the invitation!


KBEE 2018 Singapore


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Official website: https://www.kbee.kr

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