PDO Thread Lift Facial Treatment – No Needles

pdo thread lift facial

Anti-Aging facial lifting treatments has always been an in-demand treatment. Recently, I tried out the PDO Thread Lift Facial Treatment by Beauty Recipe. This PDO Thread Lift Facial is unlike your average PDO thread lifting procedure done at the clinics. It helps you achieve the same lifting effects without needles, no machine, no pain, and no downtime. I had to find out what this treatment was all about and if it lived up to the hype. My therapist, Rina is the owner and head therapist of beauty recipe. She has amazing skin at 60+ of age and she really is an epitome of what good skincare can do!

Thesera L, a brand from Korea, offers the key product:  PDO Thread Lift Facial Treatment that “dramatically transforms your complexion” by firming, toning, smoothing and even your skin tone to create “a visibly younger appearance”. We all know how popular PDO Thread Lifting is at the aesthetics clinics and the effectiveness of this wonderful technology from Korea which is used all over the world right now to for a face lift. Today, with this new clinically proven TDN technology, this is the next generation of PDO threads lifting as it is painless, non-invasive with zero downtime.

TDN (Transfer Double Nanosphere) technology is the core technology for penetration of various active ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid, PPC, peptides and various acids. Active ingredients are encapsulated in nano-sized vehicles to travel down the lipid, protected from external forces such as temperature and different pH levels. This allows targeting the entire face at once instead of just an area or section.

Before this, current methodology to inject active ingredients under epidermis layer employs transcellular pathway, which requires 0.39mm of needles. It leaves PIH and downtime for its invasive characteristics and only targets segment by area.

Now, you can say that there is no need for lasers, micro needles or have any needles injected into your skin now with this new technology invention. “Needleless” TDN solution travels down the lipid through intercellular pathway for transfer of wider penetration/permeating area without PIH or downtime. Most outstanding benefits from TDN technology are its non-invasiveness, safe and stable penetration.

Advantages of TDN technology compared to traditional PDO Thread Lifts

  • It can capsulize wanted materials.
  • It does not give damage on epidermis.
  • It helps specific materials to be absorb without needle.
  • It can make capsules to open at specific time

My therapist, Rina noticed I have dull skin and proceeded with V-FAU Shiny Pumpkin Peel to rid dead skin cells to reveal a brighter skin tone and smoother skin.  It is a hypoallergenic 3 steps peeling containing pumpkin’s component, AHA, and BHA, rich in vitamins and nutrients for promoting peeling and regeneration, resulting in natural skin brightening.

My skin looks so polished now! To kickstart the PDO Thread Lift Facial Treatment, Epidermis balance foam + dermis balance peelenser was applied to open up the pores to prep for the next step.

Before applying the Thread Essence, she had to do some mixing. It comes in two parts: High tension string + high tension serum. When they are mixed together, the duo dissolve the ‘cotton candy like’ threads and then she slather the mixture onto my face with a brush. After applying a thin layer, my skin felt tingly and tight. Then, I have to let it dry for 20 minutes and try not to move around too much. Rina seriously suggests not moving because the less you do so, the better it works.

As the mask dried and left on for 20 mins, I felt a very strong pulling sensation but not uncomfortable. My face looked and felt beyond stretched, I could barely open my eyes. After washing off with mask, Hydra Booster is then applied for 20 mins for intense hydration. The temperature of this feels like sub-zero and it’s refreshing to the skin.  This helps to close and refine the pores.

Finally, High tension ampoule is applied to lock in hydration, as the finishing touch for the perfect ‘Korean Glass-Skin ’. She then helped to do some extraction for blocked comedones.

Rina rinsed the product off with warm water and there were a couple things I noticed right away: My face looked and felt very tight, my pores were almost gone, and I felt like I really looked 10 years younger. I showed my husband who said that I looked like I had Botox, which to me was a good thing. The tightening effect lasted until the next day, about midday, and my skin’s texture and tone still looked great for about a week.

PDO Thread Lift Facial Treatment Benefits

  • Immediate facial lifting effect
  • Immediate pore tightening effect
  • Increase dermis density and skin elasticity after 4 weeks
  • Whitening effect for fairer skin
  • Adds hydration, radiance and glow to your skin

My final Thoughts:  Did it work – yes. It is said to last 6 months. The PDO threads will take 3 weeks to stimulate collagen growth, so the smoothening and brightening effects increases over the weeks. It is recommended to do the PDO facial once a week to see good consistent results. To some, this is a great natural alternative to fillers and Botox and it’s a great lifting facial without any needles, pain and machine used. It might be more suitable for those skin types with wrinkle and sagginess problems but for the younger skin types like mine, it could well serve as a preventive anti-aging treatment.


pdo thread lift facial


V FAU Shiny Pumpkin Peel Treatment with full facial is priced at: $168

PDO thread lift treatment with full facial is priced at:  $350 (Original Price $450)



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