Possible feat to get minimal hair damage from bleaching at Comb Salon?

Recently, I have traveled to Comb Salon at 12 Gemmill Lane to refresh my hair color and try out the latest hair treatment – SMARTBOND by L’Oreal. I was super psyched because I have heard great things about the treatment and how it can help my damaged hair. Plus, the salon is Korea- Influenced (The land of K-POP) so I guess they are good with more creative hair colors?

My goal was to achieve the “Balayage hair” with minimal damage to my tresses at Comb Salon. A tough call for my hairstylist, Frank, as he bleaches my hair to achieve the desired color. Frank is with 11 years of experience in the hair industry so I trust that he’s able to achieve the look that I want with minimal hair damage.

My Base color is Light Brown, it has always been a solid and classy hue. It can be flattering for everyone. But sometimes this color may seem pretty boring and plain. In such cases balayage and highlights come in handy. Brown makes an excellent canvas for various shades. 2018 Brown balayage hair colors are all about vibrant and solid hues at the ends. It is great for females who are not ready for full commitment. Long hair is totally plus for Brown Balayage since this color technique requires some length to do a fade particularly for hair length like mine.

Step 1: Frank started to work his magic on my hair. I opted to take my hair both lighter and brighter. I been building up my hair condition using regular hair treatments. He used SMARTBOND step one in the bleach, this will help to keep my hair strong and protected during the lightening process.  After that, I have 20 minutes for the development.

Step 2:  After washing off the bleach and drying off, he then applied brown color touch up to my upper half of the hair while the lower ends are in a reddish pink tone.

Step 3:  As Frank thoroughly rinsed off the colour, SMARTBOND Step Two was applied for 10 minutes. He then continued to shampoo and condition as normal.

Step 4:  After a relaxing backwash experience, I had a fabulous bouncy blow-dry and style in preparation for the ‘after colour’ photograph! The overall improved condition of my hair can already be felt before drying has taken place.

The Result: It turned out to be a darker color from what I have expected but perhaps I could rock the warmer tone balayage trend for the time being before I revert to my blonde roots again! However, I loved how the SMARTBOND treatment made my hair feel, it felt softer, smoother and more manageable. I would definitely try SMARTBOND again with my next coloring session!


How Does L’Oreal SMARTBOND Work

SMARTBOND is a unique system created by L’Oreal Professional, that protects and strengthens the hair during technical services (such as bleach and hair colour). The salon system consists of 2 components being used at the salon. This new technology revolutionizes the strength of your hair after you have a colour service.


Sounds good.. but what does it actually do??


So without bombarding you with too much scientific jargon, I am going to briefly explain what SMARTBOND does to your hair. Your hair fiber and cortex is made up of Keratin chains and these are linked by bonds. The point of SMARTBOND is to strengthen these bonds to improve the quality, feel and look of the hair.

SMARTBOND will target weak parts of your hairs bonds to strengthen and limit stress to keep the bond intact. It will also improve the overall finish of your hair colour as this will enable it to take more evenly. It will also reconstruct your weak bonds to reverse the feel of damaged hair.

So the first two steps begin at the salon, once you have decided to give SMARTBOND a go your stylist will add Step One to your colour mix. It works smartly during the chemical process to preserve the strong bonds and allow the reconstruction of the weak bonds.

Step Two is applied to the hair once the colour or lightener is removed as a pre-shampoo. It continues to capture the ions to allow the weaker bonds to reform and provides condition & shine to the hair with a blend of ceramides & polymers. Your stylist will then shampoo and condition as normal, the perfect end to a fabulous treat for your hair.


WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON’T COLOUR MY HAIR??? Don’t worry… SMARTBOND is suitable for all hair-types and textures, whether you have colour or not. If you do not have in-salon colouring services or you have no colour on your hair you can still hugely benefit from SMARTBOND. We will just skip Step One and continue the treatment as normal. This service is available in Comb salon now, ask your stylist to upgrade your colour service today. My stylist is Frank.

Comb Salon is located at, 

12 Gemmil Lane  Singapore 069252

Tel: 6438 3138

Website: www.thecomb.com.sg

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/thecombsg

Instagram Page: www.instagram.com/thecombsg

No colour speaks of festivities more than warm, eye-catching Reddish Tones.



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