PDO Nose Lift At TCS Aesthetics Central

pdo nose lift

Recently, I’ve visited TCS Aesthetics Central for the PDO nose threadlift . Hopefully Dr Ryan Tan from the clinic can help resolve my unshapely nose bump and lift the nose, something which have been bothering me for awhile now.

PDO nose threadlift is also better known as the “lunch time nose job” in Singapore and Asia because patients can leave the clinic within 30 minutes and resume their jobs immediately after the procedure. By careful placement of fine, absorbable threads in the nose, the nose bridge and tip and lifted and their definition is improved. The threads last longer than traditional fillers but are not permanent as with rhinoplasty. However, the risks of an invasive surgery and implant are avoided.  The PDO nose threadlift can be repeated once every 1-2 years to maintain the results.

PDO nose threadlift is the more popular procedure in Singapore to improve the nasal profile without surgery. It can be performed to achieve the following effects:

  • Higher nose bridge
  • Straighter nose bridge
  • Sharper and better definition of the nose bridge
  • Sharper nose tip

How is PDO nose threadlift performed?

Step 1: The face, especially the nose is cleaned to remove any makeup and dirt. Iodine was used for sterility.

pdo nose lift

Step 2: Local anesthesia is infiltrated at the nose tip, along the dorsum of the nose and along the nasal septum to the philtrum (if tip work is performed) It was tolerable pain level for me, especially at the columella.


Step 3: Once the nasal bridge is numb, threads are inserted through the nasal tip and horizontally along the nasal bridge, under the soft tissue of the nose, around 16 threads are inserted along the nasal bridge to achieve the desired nose height and definition. Typically, number of threads can vary depending on how fleshy or flat the nose is.

Step 4: I also had an increase in nasal tip projection, so threads are also inserted through the nasal tip and vertically along the columella.

The entire procedure typically lasted for about 15-20 minutes.

I was allowed to go home immediately after that, and was given dosage of antibiotics, antibiotic ointment and arnica pills. ( to reduce swelling and  bruising )

On the first few days post-treatment, there were extremely mild swelling on the nose, but it went off after the 3rd day. In some cases, swelling may persist for about a week and there may be some bruising.

For the next 7-days or so, I felt a little bit of soreness, particularly along my nose bridge and certain areas below the eyes. It was not painful. I did, however, gently cleanse my face to prevent skin tugging and minimize facial movement as it can cause some strain.

I was fully recovered within 10 days, though best results can be seen after 2 to 3 weeks.

pdo nose lift

pdo nose lift

What is the downtime associate with the PDO nose threadlift procedure? When can the patient typically go back to work afterwards?

Some swelling due to the local anesthesia is inevitable. This usually wears off in a few hours. Slight bruising may also occur along the nasal bridge but this resolves in a few days naturally. There is absolutely no restriction in the daily activities after the PDO nose threadlift and patients can resume their daily lifestyle and use makeup after the procedure. You will be able to return to work the same day.

If you have tried nose fillers before and are unsatisfied because of the risks, short longevity and broadening of the nose bridge, then the PDO nose threadlift is a good alternative to you. The threadlift is a bridge between traditional nose dermal filler and rhinoplasty, without the usual risks of an invasive surgery. For appointment bookings, please call 6221 8221 or sms/whatsapp 8448 8636. TCS Aesthetics Central is located at The Central Office 1, 8 Eu Tong Sen Street, #11-90.

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