ShakaPass-Last Minute Deals On The Hottest Events.

ShakaPass has announced the official launch of a new entertainment ticketing ecosystem, whereby events created online by organizers are vetted and must be approved before becoming available for booking by users of the mobile app. Chosen events are handpicked based on a mix of personal staff experiences, popularity and editorial discretion for hidden gems in order to cater to diverse interests.

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Living In Toronto: What It Costs For International Student?

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Adjusting to a new living situation is not easy for most people, it often takes a while. As a student, living comfortably while working with the bare minimum of finances is often the case for many. If you are an international student living in Toronto, the following are some of the financial living adjustments you should expect to make while staying in apartments near York University.

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BB&BC Woman’s Health Talk – 15 Jan


Recently, i’ve been invited by BB&BC (body. breast. beauty. club) for their woman’s health talk where they will be sharing on health and beauty tips for everyone. The key topics are about how to maintain optimal breast health with their latest technology cutting edge healthcare device. Breast cancer is ranked no. 1 most popular disease for women in Singapore so it’s always good to be aware and do preventive measures. This talk seems pretty informative and educational, so come on down and listen to what they’ve got to say! Cheers!

All-In-One Quality Face Mask From Japan


Today, I’m going to review one of the most popular sheet masks in Japan. Quality First Mask is very popular and highly rated by Japanese women even though it’s still relatively unknown outside Japan. It was selected the best facial sheet mask awards by Cosme, a huge cosmetic review site in Japan, in 2015. If you are looking for a good Japanese facial mask , you should try out this one!

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